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Head Office : Suite 1, 99 Davies Ave, Sunshine North, VIC 3020, Australia.  Email :

Head Office : Suite 1, 99 Davies Ave, Sunshine North, VIC 3020, Australia.  Email :

Partner visas
  • Subclass 820/801 for onshore applicant

  • Subclass 309/100 for offshore applicant

  • Subclass 300 Offshore partner prospective visa

The visa allow you to enter and remain in Australia based on your married or de facto relationship with your partner (in the case of prospective marriage you must marry your partner within 9 months of grant of subclass 300 visa). Your sponsoring partner must be normally of 18-year-old and meet one of the followings:

1 Australian Resident or Australian Citizen or an eligible New Zealand citizen;

2.Must not have sponsored  or have not been sponsored in the last *5 years ( from the date of initial application; and

3. Meet character requirements.

  • An Australian citizen
  • An Australian permanent resident
  • An eligible New Zealand citizen

Our team will help you through the whole process until grat of a visa.

Temporary visas, Subclass 485
a) Graduate work stream

The visa is for 18 months. It may assist eligible recent graduates (overseas students) to acquire requisite skills and experience to enable them to obtain full skills assessment for meeting the points or eligibility criteria for a Skilled Migration visa

b) Post study work stream

This stream of subclass 485 visa is for international students who have graduated with a higher education ( bachelor, master and PhD degree) course of minimum 92 weeks from an Australian university or college. This visa is available to those students who applied for and were granted their first international student visa on or after 5 November 2011. Depending on the qualification you have completed, this visa can be granted for a minimum of two years and for PhD course up to four years.

Permanent visa (subclass 186, 187, 189, 190)

Subclass 186

It is a permanent residence visa for overseas qualified/skilled employee who has a nominating employer. This visa allows Australian employer to nominate such employee to work in Australia on a subclass 186 visa. It has two following streams:

Temporary Residence Transition stream (TRT)

This stream is for the applicants who holds subclass 457 or 482 visa and has 2 years of work experience in the same occupation in which their nominating employer is offering a continue position for a minimum period of 3 years. Three-year work experience will be required for post 18 Mar 2018 applications.

Direct Entry Stream, (DE)

The applicants who want to apply through direct entry stream, must have their nominated occupation on MLTSSL and must obtain positive skills assessment and have competent English. In addition to this, the applicants must have at least three years of working experience in the nominated skilled occupation.

Subclass 187

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa (RSMS)

The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa (subclass 187), known as RSMS visa is a Permanent Residency visa for suitably skilled employees being sponsored to work in the regional areas of Australia. This visa requires the applicant to complete a skills test and be nominated by an approved Australian employer for a job in regional Australia. There are two streams to this visa and applicants must also meet one of the following stream to be eligible for this visa. It has two following streams

Temporary Residence Transition stream through Subclass 457 and TSS 482

This stream is for employees who are currently in Australia on a temporary Work (Skilled) Subclass 457 visa or Temporary skill shortage (TSS) visa subclass 482. Visa holder must have worked for two years in the same occupation with their nominating employer, who now wants to offer them a permanent position in that occupation. The employer must not be subject to a labour agreement and must have lodged a valid nomination with the Department under the Temporary Residence Transition Stream

Subclass 189

The Skilled Migration Independent Visa

This visa is a permanent residency visa for occupations on the current skill list. You can apply through Skills Select if meeting minimum 65 points thresholds to receive an invitation, the cut off points may go higher. With this visa, you can live and work permanently anywhere in Australia and eligible family members can be included in your application.

Subclass 190

Skilled nominated visa

Subclass 190 Visa is a permanent visa that allows skilled applicant to live and work in Australia, based on a nomination by an Australian state or territory. This visa is available to applicants who are skilled in an occupation on a state or territory occupation list. Each state or territory has its own individual list, depending on the skill shortages in that area. To apply for a Skilled Independent Subclass 190 visa, you must meet a minimum score on a point test.

Subclass 482

Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Subclass 482 also loosely known as work visa

The TSS visa is a temporary visa which permits the holder to live in Australia, while working full-time for the sponsoring employer, in the nominated position. Applicants for a TSS visa may include dependent family members in their visa application. The TSS visa has a short-term stream and a medium-term stream. Eligible Applicants with occupations on the short-term skilled occupations list (STSOL) are eligible for visas of up to two years (renewable once, for a further two years), and those on the Medium and Long -Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) can apply for up to four years, with eligibility for permanent residency after three years.

Work and holiday visa Subclass 462

This visa is for young people between 18 and 30 year of age, who want to holiday and work in Australia for up to a year. To apply for this visa, you must hold a valid passport from an eligible country.

Working holiday visa subclass 417

This visa is for young people between 18 and 30 year of age who want to holiday and work in Australia for up to a year. To apply for this visa, you must hold a valid passport from an eligible country.

Business Visa
Business innovation and investment (Provisional) visa subclass 188

This visa is a state-nominated four years’ provisional visa that is a pathway to the Business Innovation and Investment (subclass 888) permanent residency visa. This visa allows you to own and manage a new or existing business in Australia, or to invest in Australia. You must be nominated by a state or territory government or Australian agency to be eligible to apply.

Business Innovation stream

It is for an individual who wants to establish, own and manage a new or existing business in Australia.

Significant Investor stream

It is for a person who is desired to invest at least $5M in certain investments in Australia and maintain business and investment activity in Australia.

Investor stream

It is for an individual, who is desired to invest at least A$1.5M in a State or Territory Government security and maintain business and investment activity in Australia.

Premium investor Stream

This stream is for people who want to invest at least AUD 15 million into complying investments in Australia.

Business Innovation and investment (permanent) visa subclass 888

This visa is the permanent stage for the initial 188 visa, allowing applicants to manage their business and investments in Australia for an indefinite period. In order to apply for the 888 visa, you will not be required to meet an additional Points Test.

Our experts will advise and assist you on how to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) and be nominated by a state or territory government or Austrade on behalf of the Australian government.

Visitor visas subclass 600

Provides a visa for people travelling to Australia as a tourist, to see family or for business for up to three, six or 12 months. For further detailed information about this visa come and see us in the office or contact us via phone or email.

Parent visas
Contributory parent (Temporary) visa: subclass 173

This visa allows eligible parents to live temporarily in Australia for 2 years if sponsored by settled Australian citizen, permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizen. The applicant must be sponsored by their child, must meet the balance of family test which requires half of the children must live in Australia. If you are granted this visa and want to stay permanently in Australia, you can apply for Contributory parent visa subclass 143.

Contributory parent visa: subclass 143

This visa allows parents of a settled Australian citizen, permanent residence or eligible New Zealand citizen live permanently in Australia.

You might be eligible for this category visa if your child sponsored you, you meet the balance of family test requirements, obtain an Assurance of Support and must meet health and character requirements.

Parent visa: subclass 103

This visa is for parents of a settled Australian citizen, permanent residence or eligible New Zealand who wants to stay indefinitely in Australia. This visa is a permanent visa but there can be a longer waiting period of up to 30 years.

To get this visa parents must satisfy the eligibility criteria. At least half of the children of eligible parent must live in Australia. Child must sponsor parents. This visa can be applied onshore or offshore.

Remaining relative visa Subclass 835

This visa is a permanent visa for people whose relatives are usually residents in Australia. They must either be Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens. This visa requires you to be sponsored by an eligible relative (or your relative’s eligible partner), in Australia. You need to meet certain criteria at the time of application lodgement to obtain this visa.

Child visa: subclass 101/802

The subclass 101 Child visa allows a child, of an Australian permanent resident or a citizen, or eligible New Zealand citizen who is outside Australia to come to Australia to live permanently with the parents. The child visa applies to biological and adopted children, however the child must have been adopted before the parent became an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. This visa must be made outside Australia and the child too must be outside Australia when the visa is granted.
For a detailed information please contact us for personal consultation for expert advice.

Resident return visa: subclass 155

A Resident Return Visa (RRV) is required for all non-citizen permanent residents of Australia who wish to temporarily leave the country, typically once the initial five years’ validity period of their residence visa has expired. If you travelled out of Australia without a valid RRV, you will be unable to return to Australia as a permanent resident.

To know more about meeting substantial business, cultural, employment or personal ties of benefit to Australia, consult one of our expert Registered Migration agents.


The refusal and cancellation of onshore student visa, partner (onshore/offshore), sponsored, (family, relative and employer) or sponsor visitor visa may be appealed for a merit review within the specified period. Our registered Migration Agents can assist you with AAT MrDiv appeals for the merit review by lodging review applications, preparing submissions and accompanying and assisting you during the hearing of review application to get best outcome of your application.

We can guide you to collect evidences to support your review application.

Ministerial intervention

Under the Migration Act 1958 The Minister has powers to intervene in applicant’s case when the Minister thinks it is in the public interest to do so. You can apply for Ministerial Intervention, if AAT MrDiv has refused your decision. Our registered Migration agent can write to the Minister to request ministerial intervention on your behalf. For more detailed information contact our office.


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