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Head Office : Suite 1, 99 Davies Ave, Sunshine North, VIC 3020, Australia.  Email :

Head Office : Suite 1, 99 Davies Ave, Sunshine North, VIC 3020, Australia.  Email :

Sources of Fund

Student must submit evidence of sufficient funds from accepatble sources for one year living cost, one-year course fees, return air ticket and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). In case of family additional funds will be required for each member of the family for living cost, airline ticket and OSHC, in addition to fees payable for a school going child.

  • Evidence of financial supporter’s occupation and annual income – letter from his/her employer confirming employment and, full contact details (address and telephone numbers), and personal bank statements and tax returns for the last 3 years.
  • Loan disbursement letter for payment of fees for issue of C o E.
  • Chartered Accountant Statements of the financial supporter.
  • In the case of company sponsorship, balance sheet and bond signed with the company.
  • Evidence of income sourced from agriculture such as evidence of ownership and valuation of land, income statement from the regional authority (Example: Patwari or Tehsildar) and receipt of produce sales, and J forms.
  • Evidence of rental income such as evidence of ownership of property and lease deeds.
  • Evidence of retirement income such as a letter from the employer at the time of retirement stating the amount of pension, and recent bank statement showing the credit of pension to account.

The visa officer must be satisfied that student, once in Australia, will have genuine access to the funds they claim to possess to cover the travel, course fees and living costs etc for themselves and their family members.

Unacceptable Funds Acceptable Funds
KVP, NSC Fixed Deposits
Shares, debentures, bonds,
LIC surrender value
Balance in Savings Account
Capital account in business Public Provident Fund (PPF)
Co-op bank balance and FDs EPF, GPF, PF, CPF
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