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Head Office : Suite 1, 99 Davies Ave, Sunshine North, VIC 3020, Australia.  Email :

What To Look For In A Migration Agent?

Whether you are an international student or a graduate looking for job opportunities in Australia, you may want to know the migration process and visa requirements in Australia. As simple as it seems, one should never take the migration process on their own. Because migration laws can be tricky and difficult to understand and even a single mistake can prolong your visa application process. Hiring a migration agent in Melbourne can help avoid the possible blunders and ensure you complete the visa process seamlessly. In today’s blog, let’s outline some of the core criteria you must consider when looking for a migration agent in Melbourne. Let’s get started.

Registered Migration Agents

When you are looking for a migration agent, ensure they are registered with the office of the migration agent’s registration authority. Registered migration agents can legally submit your visa application and give professional advice on what to do next.

Talk To Different Migration Agents

A migration agent can handle all your information, so you ensure you are comfortable with the agent you choose. The best way to choose the right migration agent is to submit your enquiries’ to three different migration agents to see if you are charged fairly and professional advice.

Reviews And Testimonials

Before you finalise the migration agent, make sure to check online reviews and customer testimonials. A reputed migration agent may have a good track record of their work and positive feedback from students and working professionals.


As visa application is a time-consuming process, you might have fears and doubts regarding the process. However, your migration agent should be able to tell you the happenings from start to finish and respond whenever you need their support. It will ensure their responsiveness and credibility and help you trust the process.


Visa consultations can be expensive at the initial stage. However, the consultation can provide you with a great deal of information on your visa process, documents required, processing fees, and visa approval. If you are a bit concerned about spending money, consult with multiple migration agents to find the one that is professional, friendly, and works within your budget.

Once you have chosen a migration agent, they will give you an estimate of their fees and services. Check the written document and talk to them if you have any doubts or concerns.

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